Wednesday, April 21, 2010

in the bag

micaela from dolce vita tagged me to spill out the contents of my bag for you all to see.

this is me and this is what i schlep around everyday....
bag from forever 21- maybe 2 summers ago? perhaps it's time to get a new bag.
left to right: red baggu bag (adam just won this in a raffle and it has since become my new obsession. it's so small & compact and it folds up into this little pouch. perfect for impromptu shopping excursions), benetint lip balm, make up pouch (full of bobby pins, elastic bands, band aids, a nail clipper, tweezers, floss, chaptick, more lip gloss, lip liner, and a mirror), pillbox full of advil (i'm headache prone), aveda hand relief, sunglasses and my favorite leopard print sunglasses case, matches from Three of Cups, gum & starlight mints, blackberry, car keys/ house keys, a mini moleskin hand printed by my friend jennifer, ipod shuffle in a handmade pouch from jennifer, wallet, and the book i just started reading- "Party Animals: A Hollywood Tale of Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll," which I immediately wanted to read only because olivia newton-john looks so foxy on the cover and i love her. i just picked it up from the library yesterday. oh, and my camera would normally be in here except i had to use it to take the picture ;)

i love this wallet. i found it in my mom's drawer and quickly swiped it (she wasn't actually using it at the time). i always find something good when going through her drawers. thanks mom.

now, i'm tagging anna, alix, melanie and anna


Anna said...

Fun! Thanks for the tag :)

LOVE that wallet too xoxo

mkendall said...

I love baggu! I got a few bags to use for grocery shopping a few years ago and literally every time I went to the grocery the person checking me out asked me about them. I became a walking advertisement.

alixrose said...

Whoa you fit a lot into your bag. I always buy a book for its cover too. LOL!
Thanks for the tag and I will get going on that!

Mr. Pineapple man said...

what a fun post!

Micaela said...

amy, i love your purse & how everything is either trendy or sentimental or just plain fun (the book! i have to check it out)

THANK YOU for indulging me ;) i loved taking a peek inside your bag!


Jennifer said...

awww. I had no idea you carried around that stuff I made for you!! So sweet :)

Lolo said...

That wallet is great!
I think I'm going to have to do one of these posts. It's so interesting to see what people carry round with them!

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