Sunday, April 13, 2008

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

Olivia Newton-John: Style Icon of the 70's and 80's.

High waisted jeans, blonde feathered hair, tight pants and high heels, legwarmers and headbands, off the shoulder sweatshirts. She was sweet and she was sexy.

"Physical" by Olivia Newton-John was one of my very first records. I have very clear childhood memories of playing it in my bedroom on my Care Bear record player. This was the 80's- the era of Jane Fonda and aerobics. I can still see my mom running off to at Figures & Fitness in her leotard and tights, wishing I could go with her. I am a little nostalgic for this look, although at the same time, happy that it has passed. This look does not work for everyone, but it worked for Olivia!

Any great road trip should include a sing along to "Magic: The Very Best of Olivia Newton-John" contains her best hits. Favorite tracks include: I Honestly Love You, Magic, Xanadu, Make a Move on Me, Heart Attack, and of course, Physical.

Olivia Inspired T-shirts by Every Little Counts:

For more great photos see:


idontknowtodd said...

it's a good thing you didn't have a little brother. b/c IF you did, it sounds like you would have decorated him in sweatbands and other 80's attire as if he was a x-mas tree, choreographed dance/roller-skating moves, and subjected him to a consistent loop of movies such as Roller Boogie and Girls Just Want to Have Fun... good thing.

idontknowtodd said...

"Any great road trip should include a sing along to "Magic: The Very Best of Olivia Newton-John""

Remind me never to take a road trip with you

Buy Generic Viagra said...

Newton-John was always the horror of my mom, main cause of her jealous and my dad's headaches... hahaha, such a beautiful woman!

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