Saturday, June 28, 2008

Joy Division Documentary

Watch this new documentary about Joy Division. It gives me chills. I have been almost as obsessed with Joy Division as my husband after seeing "Control" (the 2007 film by Anton Corbin about Ian Curtis). This documentary was interesting to watch since seeing the film a few months ago. It tells the story of the band's origins in Manchester, their rise to success and their tragic ending, as well as their influence on pop music, including interviews with all surviving band members (who later went on to form New Order). We also see and hear from Annik Honore, Ian Curtis' lover, who I have been curious about since seeing "Control" . For the next couple of days I will be drowning in Joy Division- in an overwhelmed and emotional daze.

Sam Riley as Ian Curtis and Alexandra Maria Lara as Annik Honore.

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