Monday, November 3, 2008

Eleven Things About Me...

Eleven Things About Myself :
(I was tagged by Jennifer, and I am Tagging Jena and Joanna)
1. Furniture: Modern but cozy.
2. Music: Eclectic.
3. Film: Foreign. Classic. And I love a good heist.
4. Workout: Walking in the woods.
5. Clothes: A.P.C., Lorick, Lover, Lyell, Mociun.
6. TV: Too much.
7. Drink: Vodka Martini.Straight up. Olives. During the hours of 9-5, I stick to water.
8. Coffee: Everyday.
9. Pastries: Apple dumpling.
10. City : I heart NYC.
11. Sweets: Yes please- cookies, cake, chocolate- I don't discriminate.


Joanna Goddard said...

i love your list! :) so cute. you have great taste.

Jennifer said...

I just noticed that you did this!
You even used my color-coding and everything! (I'm flattered) Cute!

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