Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Reads

Addicted to (Pretty) Porn: One Woman's Story
by E.A. Hanks, via The Huffington Post.

"PrettyPorn consists of the seemingly endless chain of blogs where dreamy young things post photos and notes (and poems!) about the things they think are beautiful. It's an ongoing love affair with an aesthetic based on fragility, beauty, and romance. Everything is lovely, everyone is consumptive, and I am fucking eating it up. "

Some of our favorite blogs were mentioned in the article, including Le Love, Bread & Honey, and we are even blushing to say, Every Little Counts!
Read the rest of the article here. I was loving every second of it.

30 Things Women Love but Men Don't Understand.
Check out this post on Fashion Indie

I hate making generalizations about the differences between men and women, but I sort of enjoy this list, and I do love some things maybe some men don't get such as:
Trapeze dresses, frozen yogurt, gossip magazines, looking at pictures of adorable baby animals (see Cute Overload), Chuck Bass (I did cry during the last episode of Gossip Girl), men that appear dirty and grimy (yes Justin Bobby), collecting magazines, tucking jeans into boots, and foreplay.
But, some guys do get it.


Jennifer said...

Congrats on the article Amy!

Jennifer said...

...but I had to comment on the article. In a way I felt it was a bit dismissive of what you do.
I know it was all in good fun, but it kind of implies a vapid quality to your work and Lena Corwin's work which I had to take issue with.

mkendall said...

I really enjoyed both of those. I was very surprised by some of the comments on the huffington post though. I guess some people don't know how to dream.

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...


[Tara] said...

Pretty porn the term; it is so perfect!!

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