Friday, May 1, 2009

Must Have for Summer: Denim Cutoffs

My mom in the 70's is definitely a style inspiration to me everyday, but this look also inspired the new summer collection for Every Little Counts. I usually hate it when you see pieces in the store that are purposefully "destroyed" with holes, paint splatters, and the like. However, I am in love with these Levi's cutoff shorts from Urban Outfitters. After much searching, I do realize how hard it is to find perfect fitting denim- especially with a perfectly high waist- not too high, not too low. These do the job and feel so wonderfully nostalgic whenever I wear them. (And they look better on that pictured on the model below- how often do you say that?).

Levi's cuttoff shorts from Urban Outfitters, $50


Amy said...

I hear you on the denim. It is so hard to find perfect fitting denim.

Danielle said...

Your mom looks so stylish! i prefer her shorts to the ones below!

Roberta Jane said...

I bought these shorts last year, a definite must! (LOVE the pic of your mom!!!)

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