Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Watching: There's A Girl in My Soup

"There's a Girl in My Soup", 1970, featuring Goldie Hawn and Peter Sellers.

I have always loved the fun, stylish films of the 60's and early 70's, complete with mini skirts, sunken living rooms, and lavish settings such as the French Riviera (as shown above).
Goldie Hawn is beyond adorable in her perfectly tousled bouffant and gorgeously ruffled necklines. Although not my favorite film from this era, it was a fun, stylish romp to watch. It definitely got my dreaming of vacation in some faraway luxurious location such as Nice or San Sebastian.

By the way, don't you love the tunic Peter Sellers is wearing above? One warning, watch out for some truly frightening shots of his beyond- hairy back ;)


elsiee said...

I think Goldie is DELISH!!

Every Little Counts said...

I know, she is beyond much I can hardly stand it ;)

Becca said...

I Love Goldie, she just so cute! Especially the impish little smile!

Jennifer said...

Oh how I adore Peter S.
Hairy back and all (TMI, I know).

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