Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

This card came in the mail today from my mom. You can't tell from the photo, but there is an actual embroidered hanky folded neatly inside the front flap of this card. My mom has a never ending supply of vintage cards- she collects them, among other things;) I used to get embarrassed when I was a kid when she would give my friends these "old" birthday cards that I thought were out-dated and lame. Of course, now I love them, smiling each time I get one in the mail.

And now speaking of the holiday weekend, the above photo was actually taken July 4th, 1980. Isn't my mom's gingham top absolutely adorable? I am lucky enough to have it now- since I, too, have made a little hobby of collecting things. This is just one of the many pieces I have of my mom's from back in the day. I love when I actually stumble upon pictures of her wearing the pieces that I now just feels special. Maybe I will wear this top tomorrow- looks perfect for a picnic!

p.s..I've just added a new piece to the vintage shop... also my mom's and also very picnic- perfect. Check it out here


Hollyrocks said...

You and your mom are both adorable. Isn't it weird how the things that used to embarrass us become the things we love about our parents as we become adults?

Every Little Counts said...

Ah, thanks Holly! I love this pic of me and my mom...ah, love mom :)

i definitely have a love/ hate relationship with her love of yard sales...sometimes it's really worth it!

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