Wednesday, September 30, 2009

drinking in LA

continuing on with the things i will miss about LA...drinking. more specifically drinking with friends. some of my favorites:

1. Taix- my local go-to bar. dark, cozy, old school, mixed crowd and not overrun with east side hipsters
2. The Edison- fancy schmancy, a throwback to the 20's, good for playing dress up, and on thursday you can get a drink for 35 cents, although it was better when it first opened. odd crowd.
3. Cole's- old school drinking, again...another throwback to the 20's. i do love a bartender in suspenders.
4. The Must- excellent happy hour, delicious grilled cheese and tomato soup.
5. Figaro Bistrot- the most "french" thing we have in LA, therefore i love it AND happy hour is every day.
6. The Drawing Room- the ultimate in dive bars
7. The Redwood Bar & Grill- adam hates this place. i love it. i love the kitschy nautical theme. and they make a good veggie burger. yum.

(above, me and one of my best amigas, sharona @ The Short Stop. the photo booth was broken, so we took our own pics)

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