Sunday, September 20, 2009

yigal ozeri

yigal ozeri installation at mike weiss gallery september 2009 chelsea new york every little counts

i am definitely not an art critic. the art world can be a very intimidating place and i don't usually elaborate on why i like or dislike a piece of work. so, what i will say about the yigal ozeri show, "desire for anima" was that it was another one of my favorites from our afternoon in chelsea. adam was not into it at all, but my friend rebecca and i both loved the work. it's hard to believe these are paintings because they are so detailed and photographic.

for more reading, and a perhaps more detailed review, read this @ ArtCat.

mike weiss gallery
52o w. 24th st.

1 comment:

tanyadiva said...

I find it lovely, esp. the one in the third photo (of all the shots with the girl looking) - of the girl in the boat. Very Lady of Shallot for the 21st century.

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