Tuesday, October 27, 2009

classical barbra

i was going through this month's issue of InStyle- which was so awful, except for this little piece on Barbra Streisand, who I love. The Way We Were. The Owl and the Pussycat. What's Up, Doc? i've always thought she was stunning, but i especially love this photo shot by Francesco Scavullo for her Classical Barbra album in 1976. and i want this dress, bad.

"i had been wearing a lot of jeans and antique blouses with little beads and edges. this was a gorgeous dress made out of antique scarves and handpainted with flowers- kind of hippie. i found it in a shop in sausalito"- barbra streisand


Nomsa said...

Wow...I never realized how stunning she was when she was younger. That is a great picture of her, and yeah...totally envy that dress as well :)

michelle shea said...

I LOVE What's Up Doc? and no one I know has ever seen it [or heard of it for that matter] I even had an former bf accuse me of trying to be Barbra's character because I kept wanting to switch majors to everything under the sun. :)

Anonymous said...

It kills me that I'm selling off all my DVDs on half.com (unemployment suks) and What's Up Doc had to go...Her style in that one was awesome.

But come on, Madeleine Khan stole the SHOW!

I was also inspired by The Mane Event styling in what, 78? Yeah, that was a trip.

Every Little Counts said...

Ha,I know...isn't What's Up, Doc? amazing!? I feel sorry for anyone that hasn't seen it;)

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