Monday, November 30, 2009

sales and such

ok...i usually reserve sales & secret exclusives for my mailing list customers (because i love you all so much and you deserve it), but i decided to throw a last minute "Cyber Monday" sale, even if i hate the term itself, or any term using the word "cyber".  but enough items are on sale for TODAY only in our Every Little Counts etsy shop and the Dreams Never End vintage shop. If you are looking for any special deals on the official Every Little Counts website, including the entire autumn/ winter collection, you will have to sign up for our mailing's the only way;) OR become an adoring fan on Facebook. 

p.s..i hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. adam & i escaped the city and ran up to connecticut and massachusetts to visit with our families. we ate lots of great vegetarian things, played with our 2 adorable nephews, read the paper, stayed off of the computer (for the most part), and tried to relax until we had to get back in the car and drive ourselves back to brooklyn. i really could have really used a longer break. oh well.


Anonymous said...

I need to know before I make a purchase:
Is the HEARTBREAKER shirt a deep blue or a black?

Thanks so much if you can answer the question! It's been driving me crazy, and I can't tell from the photo.

Every Little Counts said...

Hearbreaker is black with the silver print and My Bleeding Heart is the deep navy blue with gold print. Sorry for the confusion!

Anonymous said...

Okay, girlie - you just got my order. I went with HEARTBREAKER, the black. I got the medium, since I'm thinking you made them a bit oversized.

Here's hoping the sequined belt at the Goodwill is still there - it will match perfect. You are the BESTEST!

Natalie said...

lovely blog, love all these sweaters and shirts :)


Every Little Counts said...

nooo, you are the best;) i think i need to see that sequined belt...


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