Tuesday, February 23, 2010

globetrotters gab


i found this little book while i was back home in massachusetts over the holidays. my mother never gets rid of anything and she is obsessed with vintage and antiques- so i almost always find a few new gems each visit.
this book is from 1959...."Globetrotters Gab Volume 1" by Texana.
i just love the illustrations.


Anna said...

What a great thing to stumble across! Love it!

Micaela said...

what a great treasure!

i bet your Mom has a lot of neat little baubles.

amy, i got my win today!!! ah, the shirt is EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL in person. i am beyond words to thank you... THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!! i posted about it ;)

it's just lovely.
as you are.


Ultraluxxxx said...

I found this same book last weekend at a local thrift shop! I instantly fell in love with the illustrations. I can't wait to thumb through every single page!

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