Thursday, February 25, 2010

watching: bob & carol & ted & alice

i am so in love with this dressing gown!
 look at these the huge billowy victorian style blouse on the left.
 I finally saw "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" over the weekend- it was a pleasant surprise I found on tv. I will watch anything with Natalie Wood, so I don't know why it took me so long to see it. I absolutely love watching films set in Los Angeles in the 60's & 70's.  The architecture and interior design is all so Slim just makes me swoon. So this is a satirical comedy set in the post hippie/ height of the sexual revolution era of the late 60's, starring Natalie Wood, Robert Culp, Dyan Cannon, and Elliott Gould. Pardon my occasionally blurry's hard to get a good photo on the tv.

Natalie Wood looks impeccable as always, sporting some seriously fantastic bow ties and super sweet lingerie. Dyan Cannon looks so sweet and adorable with her perfectly polished wardrobe and bouffant ponytail tied up in a big bow. And well...the men, let's just say this wasn't the best era for men's fashion- it's a bit comical.


heart charlie said...

These photos are awesome, I have never seen this before, thnx for the introduction! I too love the dressing gowns ;)

Faux Naif said...

gosh, thank you so much for your comment! how in the world did you come across my little corner of the internet? i'm beyond honoured.

your blog is just lovely and your collections are amazing!!! (forgive the enthusiastic exclamation points - i am much enthused). the dress with the flying birds? *swoon*

thanks again for stopping by. i'll definitely come around here again and keep an eye on your creations.

i'm so glad you found me so that i could find you.

marina said...

Darn, I mean to watch this or record it!!! It looks great...I hadn't heard of it until I saw the preview...seems racy!!

Mallory said...

i saw this movie for the first time last year & loved it.

Little Gray Pixel said...

Love this film! Haven't seen it in years, though. *Heading over to Netflix*

apparellel said...

i love the clothing in this film. like you i adore films from the 60's and 70's for the costume design and production design. love.

i am so nervous that you rented that movie. haha. i need to see it again, it's been forever. i also worked on one called "she's so lovely" which was much better. but i only got supervisor credit even though the designer was fired the first week and i took over. that's a goodie though!

you have such great taste btw. love.


rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

i've been wanting to see this ever since i read natalie wood's biography...maybe it's time to just rent it already!

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