Tuesday, March 9, 2010

jean-louis trintignant

so i guess i am onto a theme here... crushing on old french guys that used to be pretty darn handsome. 
i have had a thing for jean-louis trintignant ever since i saw him in "a man and a woman," which is one of my all time favorite movies....so heartbreakingly beautifully romantic.
anyway, another fun fact which i was not aware of until this morning-  he was married to one of my favorite violent, sensual, sensitive girls, stéphane audran, whom he starred with in "les biches" directed by claude chabrol, another one of those brilliant french new wave directors. after a brief marriage to jean-louis, stéphane married claude, and now of course, they are no longer married!
stéphane audran and jacqueline sassard in "les biches"


Julls said...

Well,The Clash are amazing :)
Hmm,love the big white furry hat the woman is wearing !

Isquisofrenia said...

i need to check out this movie!!!!

Anna said...

sexy! ;)

Must. watch. asap.


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