Sunday, March 7, 2010

a perfect sunday

photo via Lolita 

If you have some time on this lazy Sunday, check out the radio interview Adam & I did with Breakthru Radio for their weekly show, "Sew & Tell"- a really great show focusing on interviews with indie designers all over the world. I was horrifyingly nervous- so nervous I was shaking all the entire time, but hopefully I sound a little more composed than I actually was... here it is if you want to have a listen...

Make sure to go through the archives as well to hear interviews with some of my favorites: In God We Trust, Verameat, and Norwegian Wood.


Sequins♡Sparkles said...

nice pic! i love sundays, but who doesn't?


i really enjoyed hearing what your inspiration stemmed from. and dont worry, you didnt sound nervous at all!

also, i feel like i need to be wearing those socks in that picture right about now. they look so comfortable.

the clothing menu said...

i haven't listened to the interview yet, but i'm sure you did fine! such a great idea - i can't wait to check out all the sew & tell interviews.

Marika said...

depsite your feelings I think you've done a great job!!
good for you!)


tanvi @ now craving said...

i luuurrve your cable knit socks!

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