Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a perfect weekend

i had just about the most perfect weekend. after spending most of my weekends working, it was nice to really shut off and have a "normal" relaxing weekend.  adam & i spent saturday in central park, hiking through the snow, checking out the incredible amounts of snowmen, and sharing veggie burgers, fries, and veggie chili fireside at the boathouse cafe. it felt like were are a ski resort. it was perfect...so perfect we couldn't stop talking about it. and then on sunday i met up with 3 of my closest friends from college for brunch, which has now become a monthly tradition. it feels good to be back in nyc- although i am very much missing some of our closest friends back in LA... especially since i just missed a birthday party for a very special 2 year old on sunday. i am a little heartbroken about that.
 why does LA have to be so far away?


Micaela said...

why does TX have to be so far away? :(
(i shouldn't be complaining- i am SO EXCITED that next week i will be back home for my 26th birthday!!! i have been so homesick!)

j'adore the snow sculpture of the woman :)
i love the tradition you've made with your college friends.

Veggie Burgers and Veggie Chili is delish... add fireside? DIVINE :)

tonight me and Max made vegetarian sloppy joe's and had them with hot cheetos (my addiction lol) and watched "My Cousin Vinny" cos i had never seen it :) i giggled. I love marisa tomei.

Lulu said...

whoa that's an awesome snow woman! love it! =]

Anonymous said...

the snow is so beautiful! i love it when it first falls and it's still completely white and not yet dirty.

lavelle said...

these photos are lovely.

thanks for your comment and sorry it took so long to reply!

the wildfox lookbooks do always look amazing, i always prefer the shoots to the actual clothes!


Anna said...

I love the city draped in snow!

Sounds like a great weekend - happy you are getting settled back into the city :)


Faux Naif said...

you're putting my wintery pictures to shame!

i love the snow sculptures. lots of fun.

Jennifer said...

We missed you two at Travel Town. I felt a little sad looking at all the past pictures of GG & you guys. Not the same without you.

It seems like he had a good time at the party.

Looks like you had a well-deserved magical weekend. The blog is looking really great. Can I just tell you, Amy, how I am continually impressed by your writing here...the book choices...that 1st one- never even heard of it!!
I never knew you were a fellow Gram crushee.

lisa butterworth said...

i agree, why DOES l.a. have to be so far?! when i'm here i miss so cal, when i'm there, i miss brooklyn. what's a girl to do? one thing ny definitely has in its favor though, is amazing snow days! what a wonderful weekend.

Aron said...

I love these snow sculptures. My wife spotted some in Madison Sq Park and and posted about them about the same time.

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