Tuesday, August 3, 2010

girl on a vine

i don't know where this girl gets her stuff, but i pretty much die every time i take a look at her etsy shop. 

visit the "Girl on a Vine" shop here


the clothing menu said...

i agree! i actually just wrote about girl on a vine in the post on my blog last night.

kirstyb said...

wow off to check it out now i want it all xxxxx

Every Little Counts said...

anyone else think this model looks like a mannequin? she's real, right?

apparellel said...

she does have great stuff! i was looking at her site the other day and was like what is wrong with this girl? she is wearing wigs and sunglasses and you are right she looks like a freaking mannequin! haha!


Pinupmania said...

Great photos. Shoes are gorgeous

Anna said...

holy amazing. love love love. thanks for sharing lady!


Celine said...

Heading there now! Thanks for the tip!!!

Ashley said...

Ohmygosh I just stumbled upon that store from another blog, and it is FABULOUS! But you're right, I definitely died a little when I saw the prices, lol!


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