Tuesday, August 10, 2010

vintage update: holly hobbie

when i found this handmade dress in a thrift shop, i instantly thought of holly hobbie. i was all about holly hobbie as a kid. does this make me sound really old? probably.
and now come to think of it, this patchwork skirt is also very holly hobbie...


Lady Moriarty said...

My childhood room was full of these but I didn't know the name !

So thank U !

tate said...

I had a Holly Hobbie sleeping bag. I am pretty much distraught that I don't know what on earth happened to it. Long live patchwork.

Every Little Counts said...

tate.... a sleeping bag?! that is awesome. i had the lunchbox and the kitchen set. my dad stayed up all night long putting it together for me xmas eve. i think that was my best xmas ever. it was like magic.

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