Thursday, September 16, 2010

michael kors: spring 2011

love the big, slouchy socks with sandals
i feel like i'm on vacation just looking at this. love the long, flowy skirt. simple but beautiful.
when i see this, i think of kim basinger in the 80's. i like it.
love the easy, slouchy, 80s sportswear feel with a little glitz. effortless.

see the rest of the collection here

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size too small said...

i kind of hate to love these b/c michael kors always seems like such a you know what on project runway. but i love them.

elsiee said...

i have a huge crush on Mr Kors and his clothings, and his shoes and his handbags.... i just recently indulged in a little Kors binge - delicious!

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