Wednesday, September 15, 2010

rebecca taylor: spring 2011

i don't usually do the posts on the NYFW thing. i didn't even look at the fall collections at all back in february. for one thing- it's so time consuming to pour over each collection. it never seems to end. and then i get a migraine from looking at all these slideshows. but, i'm really putting in the effort this go around. i need inspiration. i've been going through this period of reevaluation and i think i need to just remind myself of why i got into this field, and that i really do love it, despite how burnt out i feel right now. so, i'm compiling a list of my favorites. this blog, after all, is like a big never ending scrapbook of influence and inspiration. 

rebecca taylor has always been one of my favorites. i love the sheerness of this collection- so ethereal, feminine and subtly sexy in that late 70's/ early 80's way that i love. 
but... don't the models look a little busted? i love the hair (looks like mine!), but the makeup....bad.

see the rest of the collection here
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Anonymous said...

i love these clothes ♥

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