Thursday, November 6, 2008

I heart River Phoenix

I was 15 when River Phoenix died.
My heart was broken.
Now, he too can be found on a t-shirt- on the streets of Melbourne...
Photo via The Face Hunter

Some of my favorite River Phoenix movies:
Stand by Me
The Thing Called Love
The Mosquito Coast


Jennifer said...

Eeek! I don't know which is scarier...that guy with the t-shirt, or the fact that I was A JUNIOR IN COLLEGE when River died!
I feel old Snider.

a version said...

Thats actually a girl! Teehee
Look at the ring!
The t-shirt comes from an 'indie store' in Melbourne called alphaville. They are sold out of the T-shirt which is actually a men's tee but there are still versions of the print on a silken dress :) Yours for AUD198 at their website:
I'm from Melbourne & I'm enjoying your blog.

Every Little Counts said...

Oh...nice tip! I'm going to check it out. A River dress..I may need one! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Whoops! The hair in front of the face looked like weird little wispy mustache!
I need to get more sleep!
My apologies to the lady in the photo. She looks just fine... I'm just loopy.

Vain and Vapid said...

I heart River Phoenix too & I would totally wear that t-shirt.... They don't make enough teenage heartthrob t-shirts.

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