Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Won't Forget You...

While I was flying back on Virgin America from Boston earlier in the week, I happened to stumble upon the VH1 Rock Doc, "Do it for the Band: The Women of the Sunset Strip". I wasn't able to catch the whole thing, but I saw enough to make me extremely nostalgic for the 80's...when I was a young girl, daydreaming- thinking it was so cool to be "older"...going on dates, wearing tight clothes, having big hair, going to concerts. I was too young for all of this, but I did spend a fair share of my time watching MTV (remember when they played music videos?)... seriously crushing on Sebastian Bach, Slash, and Bret Michaels. I still swoon a little bit when I see Skid Row's "Monkey Business" video, or "November Rain" by Guns n' Roses. Although we can almost never get a good look at Slash's face, playing guitar while shirtless in those tight pants was enough for me. Bret Michaels on the other hand, I would have preferred for him to be preserved in my memory circa 1986.

Some of my favorite videos:
"Monkey Business"- Skid Row
"November Rain"- Guns n' Roses
"I Won't Forget You"- Poison
and now I am getting carried away and I just love these songs...
"Is This Love"- Whitesnake
"Don't Know What You Got (Til It's Gone)"- Cinderella
"Without You"- Motley Crue
"Dead or Alive"- Bon Jovi
"Kiss Me Deadly"- Lita Ford
if I don't stop now I will be up all night...

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Hollyrocks said...

I saw part of this documentary too. It was very interesting. I wonder if that's when being a groupie REALLY became popular. I know there have always been groupies, but it just seems to me like they were a bit more plentiful in the 80's.

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