Monday, August 3, 2009

Loving: Story of My LIfe

I have always been hesitant about the 80's revival- hipsters in bike shorts and stone wash denim? I can do without. Perhaps it's because I actually grew up in the 80's, wearing pastel leggings, oversized shirts...and yes- stonewash. However, I do love the glitz and glam a la "Dallas" and Cosmopolitan magazine. This Who What Wear Daily story is an homage to the stylish glamazons that inspired the literary brat pack of the 80's...this I can get into.

Images courtesy of Who What Wear Daily. For the full story, click here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your such sweet comments! I have always loved your tees, they are SO cute! My fave was the peachy colour ROMANCE one! I was so sad I missed out xxxxxx

Every Little Counts said...

everyone seems to want the romance tee now that it's gone. boo. perhaps it will come back reincarnated.

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