Thursday, August 6, 2009

Watching: Pauline at the Beach

"a charming little essay on love and desire"

Eric Rohmer is one of my favorite filmakers. His films are always stunningly beautiful, shot in quiet yet exquisite French locals, heavy on conversation and usually about relationships between men and women- good looking men and women, but good looking in a natural, sensual way.

Pauline at the Beach is one of my favorites- flirtatious, sexy, longwinded, and very French. Pauline is a 15 year old girl who is spending the summer with her older and of course, stunning, cousin Marion at the French seaside town of Granville. Days are spent relaxing in the lush garden, windsurfing on the beach, drinking wine, and falling and out of love. Summer at its finest.

I especially love Pauline's early 80's bowl hair cut, Marion's entire wardrobe, and Henri- he gets put into my "sexy older man" category.

a few of my favorite quotes:
"love burns. i want to burn with love."

"learn to let yourself be desired, or you'll be unhappy"

A few of my other favorites by Rohmer:
Chloe in the Afternoon, Claire's Knee, and La Collectionneuse


Anonymous said...

OMG, Pauline is awesome, but my favorite Rohmer is Boyfriends and Girlfriends, and this reminds me that I simply must rent it again. But how beautiful is Arielle Dombasle in Pauline? And then she made Lace for USA TV - ugh!

Every Little Counts said...

I don't think I've seen Boyfriends and Girlfriends! It's going in my netflix queue right now. Although, I am still dreaming about Granville- that sort of getaway would be so,so appreciated right now...

And- wow, Arielle Dombasle on USA? I never even thought to see what else she had been in. But- stunning. I was dying over her hair and entire wardrobe throughout Pauline. Gorgeous! Maegan said...

LOVE the outfits....LOVE old movies for that reason!

FUTURE said...


Taryn said...
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Now that you mention it, I remember my mother was alway speaking about this movie, if i am not wrong, she used to watch it with my dad... on those days when they were still in love, hahaha.

Generic Cialis said...

Marion is gorgeous, I didn't think that bowl cut can looks so good. I am not really into French Movies but this looks really good. I will give a try.

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