Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Return Often...

by C.P. Cavafy
Return often and take me,
beloved sensation, return and take me --
when the memory of the body awakens,
and an old desire runs again through the blood;
when the lips and the skin remember,
and the hands feel as if they touch again.

Return often and take me at night,
when the lips and the skin remember....
(for lingerie to get you in the mood...visit "dreams never end")


Anonymous said...

Hon, I thought you should know...
I live in So. Fla.
Every time I wear your Slave to Love shirt
Older Cuban men swoon
And make saucy comments.

Just an FYI!!!

Every Little Counts said...


haha- sexy stuff;)

Serg Riva said...


Micaela said...

sexy lovely stuff!!! i am going to have to remember this.


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