Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Watching: Schoolgirl Report

Schoolgirl Report: What Parents Don't Think is Possible. Vol.1. 1970. Germany.
Sexploitation? Sex-ed? Quasi- documentary? One Netflix reviewer calls it "a sort of Kinsey for German squares in 1970". I, of course, was watching it for the style since I am thoroughly obsessed with the 70's. But come on- it was hilarious. Sausages? Crazy 70's German vixens? It was pretty awesome... and the 70's were so much sexier and stylish than today.

The film begins with Renete, a schoolgirl, who is caught in a sexual tryst with a bus driver. The school board wants to expel Renete. Suddenly, a school psychologist steps in to explain to the parents what their teenage daughters are "really" up to. Cut-to a series of sexual vignettes contrasted with "real- life" interviews with girls on the street, discussing female sexuality.

A few excerpts:
"That's us- today's youth. Many think we're strange, they don't like us. Why? Because we're skeptical...we have our own music...because we want a new morality without hypocrisy"

"That's us- today's girls. We're curious and honest about ourselves...while you, the adults have been lying too much"

and my favorite...
"Flirting, kissing, hugging and petting...are quite natural in post puberty....petting involves intimate physical contact...that doesn't end in intercourse. But all else is allowed. This has less to do with love than with curiosity."

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jason said...

women in the 70's were sexy because of what they wore naturally. today it is too often about what you're not wearing.no one likes overacting.

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