Thursday, October 8, 2009

roadtrip: day 2

we treated ourselves to a night in carmel, ca. it was so beautiful, quiet, and woodsy- we didn't want to leave.

spur of the moment stop in auburn, ca...and old mining town. so cute.

totally want to start my own happy hour club.

drove through crazy, amazing, sort of scary donner pass. i had never heard of the donner party, but adam gave me the lowdown- a group of american emigrants back in the 1800's who had become snowbound in the sierra nevada, who have famously become known for their cannibalism.

photos taken from the car do not do it justice. it was beautiful, scary, and incredible.

reno, not very exciting. we drove in. we drove out.

a truck stop outside of reno. casinos are everywhere.

after we had been driving into the nothingness of nevada for quite some time we were worried we were never going to find a place to eat dinner. and then we found lovelock. we ate some very cheesy pizza from the pizza factory, whose slogan is "we toss 'em, they're awesome"

handicraft inside the bathroom at the pizza factory.

late night driving listening to beck, the clash, and iggy & the stooges.
the moon was pretty amazing tonight.

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