Tuesday, October 20, 2009

roadtrip: day 8

After spending a few hours walking around Bellefonte, enjoying the crisp autumn weather and the amazing Victorian architecture, Adam was pretty eager to get back on the road. We were only a few hours away from New York now. I was a little sad to see our roadtrip coming to an end... I could only imagine how hard it was going to be to unpack and settle in our new place. For those days spent on the road there was only so much we could do. It was a brief vacation- a sort of stressful vacation, but still a break from the day to day. Once we get to the new apartment, we will not only have to deal with unpacking, cleaning, and organizing but also the stress of trying to get back to work in the midst of it all.

Breaking for lunch at The Willowtree Inn in Stroudsburg, PA. It was a strange little place... beautiful view of the creek featured above, but also completely decked out in Halloween ornamentation, also featured above (and this is only a small dose of it). The vegetarian lunch option was a little lacking, but overall the place was charming.

Brief stop: The Delaware Water Gap. Stunning and a beautiful time of year to see it.

Taking silly photos.

Once we got close we had to break out all of our favorite NYC songs-
"we live in brooklyn, baby"- roy ayers, "new york"- the cat power cover, "b-boy bouillabaisse"- the beastie boys, "waiting for the man"- the velvet underground, and of course, everything by the ramones.

The Holland Tunnel. The sky was so beautiful...

and we are here! our new industrial neighborhood of bushwick.

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Micaela said...

i love silly pictures... yours is amazing!

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