Friday, November 20, 2009

i want it all.

S/S '10 from Duskin
if i had all the money in the world, i would buy everything.
(check out the Duskin blog too...very cool)

i am wondering why i haven't heard of Family Affairs until now. thank you to Sally Jane Vintage for showing me the way. Family Affairs is designed by a mother and daughter team, one based in NYC and the other in Switzerland. how sweet is that? the lookbook is truly amazing. and then the smiths, the cure, and inxs references only make me want it all even more. be sure to check out the archive for sale items.

beauiful, ethereal dresses from Ida Sj√∂sted.  these dresses have me wanting to get married again.
i think mallory from where the lovely things are put if perfectly- "The dresses are very Sofia Coppola-esque. In that, I mean that they look rather.... Marie Antoinette meets The Virgin Suicides."


Athena. said...

These are so beautiful;
I agree about the Marie Antoinette meets the Virgin Suicides feel - so dreamy and vintage and lovely.

CHICMUSE said...



Anne of the Mohawk Conspiracy said...

Wooow, so beautiful!!

The Drifter and the Gypsy said...

THis is so gorgeous! My favorite is probably Duskin although they're all so pretty :)


Yuka said...

wow. the gowns are gorgeous. i love long dresses like that.

Ducks Like Tea said...

oh wow they're lovely :)
i love the pink one at the top.
gorgeous blog btw x

anna said...

Oh man, I love these pieces! Gorgeous :)

silk said...

Wow. Those dresses are gorgeous!

DUSKIN said...

thank you!!!!

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