Friday, November 20, 2009

the jeepers creepers jumpsuit may not be the most practical article of clothing, but i love it. i love it in a bianca jagger/ studio 54 sorta way. i really, really, really love it. i especially love the deep low as you can go back.  however, as kick ass as this girl looks, really...could she really walk down the street like that?  i think instead i would laze around the house in it. definitely good sexy stuff for around the house.

anyway...this limited edition jumpsuit is by the 4th & bleeker label. australian made. available for pre-order now.


Rosa said...

This just inspire me... I want to sew one now!!! its super pretty and sexy

heleen said...

I have a small suspicion I probably won't be able to pull this off, but that doesn't stop me from coveting it.

Sarah K. said...

ohh I like the last one with the low back.

jumpsuits always felt awkward to me but these ones are pretty sexy!

Thanks for commenting on my blog btw :D

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