Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Order - Every Little Counts

We're having an anniversary! We (sort-of) officially started Every Little Counts on Valentine's Day two years ago so we decided to have a total schmaltzy love-fest of a countdown with a few surprises thrown in.

Today is Day 1, so it only seems natural to explain where we got the name, Every Little Counts. A lot of people get it confused...always calling us "Every Little Bit Counts" or "Every Little Thing Counts", but that's not it at all! This is "Every Little Counts" by New Order. We sort of obsess over New Order- the music, the graphic design, the history (formerly Joy Division), everything. Adam put this song on the very first mix tape he made for me back when we first started dating. I had never heard it before- since it was never one of their most popular songs, but I would listen to it over and over...and later we danced to it at our wedding, in front of grandparents and everything. So there it is- that's the story.

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The Drifter and the Gypsy said...

congrats! how exciting is that?!

Lexie said...


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