Friday, January 15, 2010

oh my lover

 i always write about and post about things i love and things that influence me, but in honor of the 2 year of Every Little Counts, i am trying to get down to the core elements of where i am coming from. my love for  pj harvey is definitely a big part of where i am coming from. i don't listen to her as much as i used to, but my love for her is the same. back when i was single and living on my own i would listen to her over and over...

PJ Harvey songs to make out to, circa 2001
5. no girl so sweet
6.  the dancer

(sorry for the all the youtube videos)


hannah elizabeth said...

i love PJ harvey! her music is so perfect for every occasion <3

lisa butterworth said...

pj harvey changed my life. i don't think i would have survived the 90s without her.

Mo said...

I ♥ pj harvey. What is it about being single that has one blasting female musicians like pj, or tori to the rooftops? I'll still do this sometimes when my husband is out of town. ;-)

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