Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Last night Adam and I went to see "Greenberg"- a honest, awkward, and funny film set in LA.  It was just weird to watch since I sometimes still have a hard time believing that we don't live there anymore. Throughout the entire movie Adam and I kept kicking each other, pointing out places we used to go, or places we never made it to (Musso & Frank) or debating on where a certain scene was shot. There was a scene filmed at the alternative art space, Machine Project, where Adam used to rent a studio, which was also right around the corner from where we used to live. Weird. Anyway, I've read a lot of terrible reviews, but we loved it.
After the film we walked around Cobble Hill. It was such a nice evening, it felt like summer. This is Adam's old neighborhood, so we were particularly sentimental about the whole thing. And, well it was just nice to walk around a nice neighborhood....unlike the industrial and not so pretty neighborhood that we call home (Bushwick). Then we  stopped by The Clover Club to see a friend and grab a drink. Above is my "Improved Whiskey Cocktail" (rye whiskey, marachino, absinthe, and bitters) and Adam's "Schwarzbier".... his namesake;)


Jennifer said...

Totally narcissistic, but yes; we LA folk want to see this film.

Makes me feel old though.I remember going to see Reality Bites. When I was in my 20's (just barely) and Stiller was in his 20's. Now,this movie about Gen -Xer's becoming 'real' adults (late 30's- 40ish) . Good lord.

Micaela said...

sounds like such a lovely date! the atmosphere of the club looks like a place i would love! and i love he has a namesake drink ;)

i really can't wait to see this film to see a diff side of Stiller. (i usually disagree with critics anyway!)

Naomi said...

The trailer looks fantastic! I've loved Rhys Ifans since he was in Notting Hill, and Ben Stiller I am strangely attracted to - I love the wisps of gray in his hair.

And that drink? Mmmmm a girl after my own heart! I loves me some demon liquor. Absinthe I'm too afraid to touch nowadays but maybe I'll be brave and try it again.
What a fab date! xx

heart charlie said...

Awww I love Clover Club in cobble hill ;) And I must see this movie! It must have been fun to see the places you used to go in the movie ;)pi

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see it the other day, but got dragged to Hot Tub Time Machine. Maybe tomorrow, if the migraine dies down. I love Noah Baumbach.

apparellel said...

i am definitely going to have to see that! omg. jennifers comment is so right on. i feel it completely. haha.


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