Monday, June 14, 2010


"when you think about it, it's not easy to keep from just wandering out of life. it's like someone's always leaving the door open to the next world, and if you aren't paying attention you could just walk through it, and then you've died. that's why in your dreams it's like you're standing in that doorway... and the dying people and the newborn people pass by you... and brush up against you as they come in and out of the world during the night. you get spun around, and in the morning... it takes awhile to find your way back to the world."
 -"the ice storm"

(image via we heart it)


Jennifer said...

Such a haunting film.

Wish I could have hung out with you guys last weekend!

Julie said...

What a beautiful quote.

Ashley said...

Wow, definitely haunting. Never seen this film, is it called "The Ice Storm"? I'll have to check it out!


AlicePleasance said...

Nice quote, but what happened...? Hope everything's ok...

Christine said...

That image and quote go beautifully together. Hope it doesn't mean you had a rough day. Thanks for your comment. I'm okay...just a lot of little things keep coming up to delay my move to Berlin. I use to always feel the need to escape to the country too around this time of year in the city. I love MA, much more than CT--in fact it's the one state I would probably live in in New England.

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