Friday, September 17, 2010


ok, i have to take a "time-out" from fashion week for just a moment here because THIS titanium quartz ring is insane and amazing and i love it. i'm not even sure i should be telling you about it because it's one of a kind and i want it, but here i am anyway. 

"titanium quartz is famous for giving increased life energy, humor, relaxation, and enjoyment of life"
 i think i could use just about all of that. perfect.

ring by gather jewelry
visit the shop here
read the blog here


bravegrrl said...

oh man, this ring is awesome! the whole shop is very cool... thanks for sharing, i'm definitely marking them as a favorite.

also love your reconstructed nightgowns!


fashion westie said...

OMG! I woulda kept it to myself...jokes! Thanks for the share, that's amazing!

Christine said...

Oh wow! That's so amazing! Let's hope they make some more.

mkendall said...

oh wow that is gorgeous! You should totally get it.

Jessica said...

omg I am absolutely in love with this ring!!

I'm doing a Guest Blogger series to bide my time while I am moving to NYC and I would love for you to be a part of it darling!

elsiee said...

covet, covet and COVET - that is all!

Pinupmania said...

Very strange and beautiful

apparellel said...

okay that is amazeballs!! love! thanks for your love, and i always comment back to you in my head.... can you hear me?


Mamba Rose said...

Crazy! I want it too!

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