Friday, September 17, 2010

vena cava: spring 2011

everyone loves vena cava, don't they? 
elegant, smart, effortless, and the styling- perfection. 
dramatic eyes, coral lips, and turban inspired headbands.
 i'm all about the headscarf/ turban/ headband- they all add glamour to a simple summer outfit.
i must admit i have a little "girl crush" on lisa mayock. (someone come up with a better word for that please! it's become drastically overused). 
see the entire collection here
runway photos via
backstage photos via refinery 29

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Ashley said...

I *love* Vena Cava, and *love* turban headbands! Perfection! :)


drollgirl said...

sexy, sultry, smart and who doesn't want to say VENA CAVA every chance they get?! beautiful!

Leora said...


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