Thursday, November 19, 2009

lovers on the run: vol. 6

"It's not gonna mean anything if we don't make it together"


Ok, this is the last of the lovers on the run series.  The Getaway has extra special meaning for me since Adam & I did a project together (back in his days in the CalArts MFA program) which involved the two of us, a video camera, and some dialogue from this movie. But in any case- The Getaway...Steve McQueen is "Doc" McCoy (need I say more) and Ali MacGraw is his wife Carol- looking flawless and chic- even when crawling around in a dumpster.  There's a bank robbery, there's bad guys, double crossing, and car chases...but somehow they make it out alive. out for the surprising cute but annoying Sally Struthers.


Taylor Sterling said...

I want to see this! Netflix time!

MAB Jewelry said...

This has been a great series. You've hit upon some of my favorite movie couples, but no one is cooler than Steve McQueen.

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