Monday, November 16, 2009

lovers on the run: vol. 5

"You didn't believe we'd always be in love."


Pierre le Fou! Jean- Luc Godard! Anna Karina! Jean- Paul Belmondo! Totally weird and bizarre, but I'm into it.

"I never told you I'd love you all my life. Oh my love, you never swore to adore me all your life. We never made promises like that, knowing me knowing you. We never thought we ever would be caught by love fickle as we were. And yet, and yet, step by step, without a word between us, bit by bit, feelings slipped between our merry mingle bodies and words of love rose to our naked lips. Bit by bit lots of words of love began to mingle gently with our kisses. How many words of love? I never would have thought I'd always want you. Oh my love, we never would have thought we two could live together and not get bored. Wake up every morning and be just as surprised to be just as happy in the same bed, desire nothing more than that oh so banal pleasure of feeling so good to be together. And yet, and yet, step by step without a word between us, bit by bit our feelings bound us tight in spite of ourselves, bound us tight forever Feelings stronger than any words of love known or unknown. Feelings so wild and so strong. Feelings we never thought were possible before. Don't ever promise to adore me all your life. Let's not make promises like that knowing me knowing you. Let's keep the feeling that this love of ours, this love of ours, will be short and sweet."


Taylor Sterling said...

beauitul images!

jack bespoke said...

ugh love anna karina, hope u saw band of outsiders, or a women is a woman. or all of godard's films. netflix has me living in the french past. hah great post!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, such a good theme idea! <3

Melissa Blake said...

oooooh, lovely!

Little Gray Pixel said...

OK, I'm convinced to Netflix this.

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